Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Webify Your Trade 3: Choices Choices

Ok now, we can choose the technology. The thing is there are quite a few choices out there. Which is why we worked through what we needed first to make it easier to make the choice. There really is no scientific route to follow. Just a question of searching on Google, sites like Go2web20.net and such comparing the features of the sites that show up in the result. Sites that I have looked at in the past include the following

  1. Google Sites
  2. SnapPages
  3. SquareSpaces
  4. Wix
  5. Webs.com
  6. Webon
  7. Yola
  8. Viviti

I’m not going to try to review or compare these services in this series (call me lazy) in this post. I will, however, take a couple of them and build sites with them. Starting with SnapPages which is extremely easy and which I have used before. The problem is – my internet connection is misbehaving. Which is the fundamental problem, in Nigeria, of all internet-based services that rely on constant connectivity. The regular breaks in connection, the drops in performance – all contribute towards making it a painful experience too many times. However, I have done this before with SnapPages and will persevere.