Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Webify Your Trade 4: The Screen Cast That Nearly Wasn’t

This was supposed to be the post where the long delayed screen cast of a quick easy website build (using SnapPages) was posted. Except that it nearly wasn’t. And it’s all down to the inconsistency of my internet connection. It’s a tired theme, one that has been discussed ad nauseum on this site and the rest of the Nigerian blogosphere.

Despite my enthusiasm for the internet and it’s opportunities, the lack of affordable bandwidth makes it difficult to trust anything to the internet. Case in point, my attempt to create a simple straightforward screen cast of the process of building a website was fraught with frustration due to constant breaks in connectivity. Consequently, I was only able to set up a very short screen cast that shows the initial setup process of a SnapPages site.

image Better than nothing, I suppose. Here it is embedded below. I’m going to have to post it as soon as the measly 66 MB uploads successfully (in about 4 hours, if nothing breaks) as an update. It’s a bit rough around the edges (OK very rough around the edges). Clearly done by a rank amateur (moi). It shows the login process and the initial wizard for setting up the basic structure of a website. You can visit the initial site at http://digitalshop.snappages.com/Home.htm. Subsequent screen casts will add more detail and customization. If I can just get them done.