Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Second Digital Crossings Christmas.

We thank God for seeing us through to a second Digital Crossings Christmas. The sentiments I shared last year still hold true, but the message of Christmas holds true for all time: the greatest of gifts is in a child born of a virgin in the humblest of circumstances.

I shared this poem last year also and it is several years old, but the third verse is brand new. Enjoy.

Why sing we songs of mistletoe?
Why exalt we the pure white snow?
What meaning, tell, Rudolph's red nose?
What romance bears fireside repose?
In an African Christmas?

Why not dream of harmattan air?
Why not laud bluest atmosphere?
Extol the smell of burning grass,
Sing of dust, not frost on glass
In an African Christmas

Why spend so on tinkling bells?
Why gorge 'til your belly swells?
The lust of things, halt, dispel.
The true Yule tale we must tell well
In an African Christmas.

It's not the seasons of the year
That shape the wondrous Christmas air,
But Mary's infant meek and mild.
Praise then, all men, the Holy Child
In an African Christmas.

Oladejo Fabolude

Friday, December 17, 2010

Breaking the Silence

RSVPA year ago today, Tejiri was born.I wrote this blog post while I waited for news of her birth and posted it once she was born.

A few days later, my mother-in-law held Tejiri in her arms. Well, a year has gone by, and on this day of Tejiri’s first birthday, my mother-in-law is not here to hold her. She will never hold her or any of her grandchildren again. My mother-in-law was taken away from all of us, in part by a deadly (but survivable) disease, but primarily by indifferent medical care.