Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My First Interview – Answering Questions About the “Afrislate”

image A couple of months ago, I wrote a 3 part series called the “African iPad”. In it I described the features of a hypothetical African tablet device based on the design principles of the Apple iPad. After that, I mentally told myself that I was not going to spend anymore time writing about the iPad, slates, or tablets – at least not for a good long while. However, in not-as-far-as-it-once-was China, someone read the series and had a few questions of their own., a Chinese technology site that focuses on the tech culture also called “Shanzai”, contacted me about doing an interview on the subject of what an African tablet would be. The interviewer, Tai-Pan, had previously written his own article about the subject. You can find the interview published right here. I share my thoughts on the hardware and what needs to be in place in Nigeria for such a device to be successful.

By the way, you should spend some time on the Shanzai site. They cover a very fascinating technology culture that has sprung up in that part of the world.