Wednesday, May 19, 2010

BarCamp Nigeria 2010 Takes Place This Saturday


Barcamp Nigeria 2010 takes place this Saturday, the 22nd of May, at CITS, University of Lagos, Akoka, Nigeria. From the event’s website:

BarCamp is simply an ‘unconference’ - an ad-hoc gathering of people with the simple desire to share and learn in an open environment. Unlike a conference, at a barcamp everyone is both a speaker and a participant. The content is provided by all attendees based on their interests.

BarCamp Nigeria 2010 will be held at CITS, University of Lagos Akoka, Lagos, Nigeria on 22 May, 2010 as a way to bring people interested in technology, on a variety of levels and topics, together in one place for a day of sharing, learning, networking and brainstorming.

Barcamp Nigeria 2010 theme is: “Creating local content for Nigerian web market.”

I plan to be there. If you have an interest in creating technology solutions to Nigeria’s problems or using technology to make a living or you just want to hang with a bunch of folks who are excited about the opportunities on the internet, you should be there too.

You can register right here.