Saturday, September 10, 2011

Startup Weekend Lagos Is On

swlagosThe hall is large, the teams are clustered in different parts of empty space quietly working on their products. The quietness belies the intensity with which the teams are working. You can’t really tell at first glance what is going on. No company brand banners litter the room. No customer t-shirts worn by the participants. Nothing really shows that out of this room, out of this weekend could come Nigeria’s next internet phenomenon. This is Startup Weekend Lagos .

Lagos Startup Weekend is a product of the Startup Weekend franchise. Like similar events, it brings developers, designers, project managers and investors together for one weekend to create a technology business or product from scratch. Hopefully, the outcome will be the beginnings of a viable business and/or product that can do well in the real world.

For a nice change, I am not the blogger standing by watching the work being done. I’m actually one of the startup teams working on a great product with lots of potential. It’s called and it’s a tool to help you find reputable artisans in your area. The “reputable” comes from the fact that the artisans are recommended by your friends and neighbours who have actually used them.