Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Change of Plan

When I started Digital Crossings the plan was to write for a target audience that used tech and had tech intertwined into their daily lives, but were not necessarily tech enthusiasts. As a result I have carefully avoided topics that centre on technology in and of itself even when I had very strong opinions about something.

The problem is, I am still writing about tech and my target audience still doesn't care about tech. Since I don't push products or serve as a kind of help desk or technological agony aunt, they aren't interested. The effect is I don't get a lot of engagement and the writing isn't really plugged into any community. On the flip side, much of my writing doesn't (and shouldn't) interest the tech community. I haven't been really worth their while (the exception is StartUp Nigeria's Loy Okezie who has retweeted and republished several of my articles).

I am now changing all that. While I will continue to write the kind of content I have hitherto written, I will start to write about technology in and of itself. I follow blogs like TechCrunch, Mashable, TechMasai, LifeHacker, Loy Okezie and Afrinnovator. These blogs, with differing points of emphasis, have given me a lot to think about, and a lot to write about, even as I look at technology from a perspective that is uniquely mine.

I believe that to bridge the divide as this blog wants to, I should freely express things relevant to both tech enthusiasts and non-tech enthusiasts.

So if you see articles about the design merits the new Windows Phone OS hub motif over the iPhone's widget grid, then yes it does mean I have unleashed my inner geek.



Jonathan Kurchi said...

hI dEJ!
I should congratulate you. Me? God has to help me to get back to writing. May be for Pastors and those concerned about the state of the Church.
Greet your family.

Anonymous said...

i look forward to your change.....

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