Thursday, December 17, 2009

From a hospital reception. Waiting.

I wait for word that my daughter has been born. Daughter. Such a strange word. I'm used to "sons". I have two of them. Lovely boys. The best little men there can be. But a daughter? Wow. I'm not even sure what that means. I have wanted girl children. Would have been perfectly happy with only girl children. Having been a father of sons for over seven years, having a girl of my own is such an odd concept. A pleasing one. An exciting one. An out and out scary one.

What do I do with this alien invader whose devastating weapon will be a cute smile, a shy look (perhaps) and the word "Daddy" as only a girl can say it?

What do I do the first time I set eyes on her, hold her in my arms and know that in a way that a baby boy never can she has completely changed my world?

Will she be light-skinned or share her mom's dusky beauty? A fat baby or a thin one? Will she have a rich head of hair? Well arched eye brows? Will she be the hungry kind or the kind that needs coaxing through each feeding? When will she first open her eyes and see me and recognize me as me? What will be that unique thing that, only minutes old, will undeniably mark her as her?

Where can I get a shotgun, no, a Sherman tank to guard her against any and all? How many cartons of Raid do I need to guarantee that no mosquito ever gets near her? Where do I get the wealth to cater to her every need? Show me the fount of wisdom to which I will roll a fleet of tankers to fetch an unending supply.

A daughter. Ouch.

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Awele Okobi said...

Congratulations Dejo....

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