Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Webify Your Trade 6: We Need Your Help.

uncle-sam The “Webify Your Trade” series hit a significant hitch when I came up against the problems of Nigerian internet connectivity. I had problems generating even the most basic sample site with SnapPages.com which uses Adobe Flash for its toolset, then had even bigger problems posting 66MB (eventually about 44MB) to a video sharing site. So the whole demo thing is on hold for a while till I figure out how to do it a lot less painfully than I did this time around.

Of course if someone in the UK, or US would like to take this up, help us set up a demo and send us the link to share here, we would really appreciate it. Any takers? In fact, let me make this an appeal to the community (OK don’t laugh): Can someone do a screen cast using SnapPages or Webs.com or other free web-based site builder to build a site that is based on the principles we discussed here and here. In the mean time, If you have created a business site yourself that looks pretty professional using free tools such as the ones I have listed or others I didn’t, let me know and we’ll do a consider it for showcase. However, it should be Nigeria focused or you should be resident in Nigeria for it to have that sense of authenticity.