Thursday, July 9, 2009

Small Screens Nearly Rule

For a while, I had toyed with the idea of living with the Internet on my phone exclusively for a while to see if it was a good enough replacement for Internet on a full computer. I didn't have the fortitude or discipline for that before. However, circumstances have forced me to do that since Sunday morning.

The verdict is it mostly does replace full PC Internet usage. Email, maps, news, blogs and so on are equally well served from a phone. In addition, being the iPhone there are a bunch of applications that provide optimised access to Internet based services and computing. On top of it all is the most obvious benefit of stopping on the street and not having to haul a laptop out of a bag, boot it up and start to awkwardly launch my applications. I just pull out my phone fire up any number of applications while only pausing to make sure I am not about to run into anyone or anything.

However, the small screen fails in some respects. It really is the small screen so all that zooming and spanning gets irritating after a while. Secondly, because it is the iPhone, it doesn't have some add-on technologies like flash, zip and others that we are dependent on.

In all, for most uses, mobile phone Internet based services are more than adequate. Perhaps I'll need to do this Naija to get a better day to day take on this.